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Changping District, in northwestern Beijing, was established over 2,000 years ago in the Han Dynasty,at which time it was known then as Changping County. In history, due to its strategic location, it was called the"Northern Gateway to the Capital"or the "No.1 Stronghold in Northern China". Descriptions of its rich culture and scenic beauty can be found in many historical books including the Records of the Historian and the History of the Qing Dynasty.

Today, Changping, one of the newly developing districts in Beijing, covers an area of 1,343.5 square kilometers and has a permanent resident population of 896,000.

Changping is endowed with a beautiful natural environment, abundant natural resources and a multitude of cultural relics;in addition, it has convenient transportation. With nearly 60 percent of its land covered by trees, the district enjoys desirable air quality all year round. It is the source of the Wenyu River, known as Beijing's mother river, and home to world cultural heritage sites such as the Ming Tombs and the Great Wall at Juyong Pass. It has two national forest parks, Mangshan National Forest Park and Dayangshan Forest Park, and a warm-temperate zone stretching dozens of miles in front of the mountain chain. Changping apples are well-known across China. Xiaotangshan Hot Springs has established an international reputation. In addition, with 38 institutions of higher learning, 106 research institutes, 4 national industrial parks and over 1,500 high-tech businesses, Changping is witnessing the emerging of energy technology, bio-pharmaceuticals, modern manufacturing, tourism, as well as cultural and creative industries.


During the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period, Beijing will strive to develop into a cultured, high-tech and green city as well as a world city with Chinese characteristics. In line with such a master plan and based on the functional orientation and basic conditions of the district and the requirements of economic and social development, Changping will concentrate its efforts on building itself into both an innovation center in northern Beijing and a new high-tech and education district, featuring cutting-edge technologies, innovation-driven growth, green development, openness and inclusiveness.


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